Yoga for fat burn

I have been traveling for work this weekend and so I have not been able to attend any yoga classes. This left all the responsibility of keeping up with my practice to my self, which in reality it is where it has always been.

So in view of this I turned to the online world for resources. Now a days you can find many yoga resources online. One of my favorite is Tara Stiles. If you have never heard of her before please make sure to check her website out. I have been following Tara since she had solo videos on You Tube and before she was called the “yoga rebel” by the New York Times.
She also has a food blog on Tumblr called Tara Eats, which is awesome because she basically makes videos about the food she eats, its fun, simple and uncomplicated; yummy and healthy too! Make sure to check it out, you will love it.
So after a long day of work (yes, I had to work on a Sunday…) I won’t even go into that… I really needed some yoga but I needed some guided yoga like from a video, which was relaxed, unpretentious and easy to follow.

This is what I found and decided to do: Yoga for fat burn by Tara Stiles

Let me know what you think and how you felt.



Today I had the worst sore throat ever. I remember being this sick (maybe this time is lighter) last December. That is not too bad. 9 months without getting extremely sick. I must be honest, I am a little disappointed because I have been drinking green juices and I am always so sure that I will not get sick if I drink those. Of course it didn’t help a lot that I was with my friend Veronica, who just arrived in Hong Kong and was extremely ill. I even took her to the doctor yesterday to get medicines. She was very impressed with the medical system here. Glad to show off my current city and teach her about her future home as she is moving here in a month.
Anyway, sorry for the side track. So between going to a new organic place for lunch and having amazing quinoa, beets and hummus salad, accompanied by a delicious carrot, ginger and apple juice (yummie!). I managed to practice one yoga pose today.

After lunch I went to the doctor’s office myself to get some medication because I will be traveling this weekend for work and I need to be fit for my journey. Not only that I will be giving a presentation and speaking face to face with a lot of people. In view of that I decided to take a sick leave rest up and get better.

As I have been craving to stretch and go back to yoga so badly I practiced Matsyasana or Fish pose today.

These are some of the benefits of Matsyasana or Fish Pose:

  •  Stretches your deep hip flexors and intercostals (muscles between the ribs)
  •  Relieves tension in your neck, throat, and shoulders
  •  Stretches and tones the front of your neck and your abdominals
  •  Stretches and stimulates the organs of your belly and throat
  •  Strengthens your upper back and the back of your neck
  • Relieves stress and irritation
  • Improves posture
  • Therapeutic for rounded-shoulders, asthma, spasms in the bronchial tubes, and other respiratory issues

I love learning about the benefits of the poses because somehow I feel like there is a mind body connection that helps you internalize the benefits and direct all your energy toward making sure that those benefits take place.
In my Matsyasana I did not cross my legs like in this drawing, I did a modified version like this one:

I realize now that studying, reading or contemplation on yoga is also part of the practice so another day without being in the actual classroom was actually not too bad.


Gio xo

Ladies holidays

This blog in intended to be one post a day. Even if I do not make it to yoga practice. This is an account of my days until I get to my yoga TT in Thailand.

So since today is the first day of “ladies holiday” I will leave you with this interesting interview made to Saraswati Rangaswamy, the daughter of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. In it she explains the main reasons why women should not practice during the first 3 days of their period.

“L: Why is it that women should not practice ashtanga yoga during the first three days of their period?

S: For some women it is very difficult to practice during these days, because of pain or that they bleed a lot. Most women work a lot and need to rest and to take it easy three days every month – it is very important! It is not good for the body to practice hard during the days when you bleed the most and during the period women should not do Salamba Sarvangasana or Sirsasana. Here, in India according to the Brahman tradition the woman rest these days, she does not cook and does not even go into the kitchen. Other women cook for her and she eats and sleeps a lot!

L: What is, according to you, the most important thing for women that practice ashtanga yoga to consider?

S: That is to let the body rest the three first days of the period so that the menstruation cycle is not disturbed. For some women, who do not rest from the practice those days, the period may disappear or becomes irregular and it can be difficult for them to become pregnant. The organs in the body are purified through the asanas and that is very good, but not during these days. It is also important to eat properly. Many women say that they do not want to eat dairy products, but women who practice yoga need milk and ghee twice a day. Especially ghee is important because it cools the body. In the yoga practice the body becomes very hot and you sweat a lot. It is not good to eat too much ghee, though, and the ghee should be pure and of good quality. One teaspoon in the morning and in the evening is enough. If you eat pure ghee you do not have to be worried about getting too much cholesterol. My father likes ghee a lot and he used to have maybe a little bit too much of it in his food – I had to tell him not to, ha ha ha! After giving birth, the woman should also eat ghee and drink milk to recover.”

Here you can find a link to the full interview:

The interesting thing is that a lot of women struggle to take ladies holidays. They are so into their yoga practice that 3 days away seems like an eternity. I like to listen to my body and decide how I am feeling before I make the decision whether to rest or not.

During my 40 Hr TT with David Swenson he strongly encouraged us to try for ourselves and seek the advice of female yoga teachers regarding the subject. He said that in his opinion he thinks it could be more of a tradition based on culture and social norms. Traditionally in India women are excused from their daily duties while on “ladies holidays”, they are not allowed to cook or go near the kitchen. Now that would also lead me to believe the same that he suspects. However, Nancy Gilgoff, who was also a long time disciple of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is a strong believer that women should not practice on these days. In a simplified explanation basically in yoga we are trying to move our energy up, towards our Crown Chakra or  Sahasrara, which is located at the top of the head. But when women are menstruating the energy is going down and out, so you would be opposing the natural flow. This actually makes sense to me, again I encourage women to try for themselves.

The 7 Chakras, at the crown of the head is the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara

Until tomorrow,


My yoga on


Hi world!

I have decided to write about my yoga journey. On two ocassions I have tried to start this blog without success, but now I will write it for real. It will be a way to keep myself accountable.

This summer I want to go to Thailand and complete my 200 hr teacher training. In order to achieve this goal, this calling, this life purpouse, I need to be constant with my practice which is one of my mayor issues.

I go through phases, where I practice a lot and then I stop. I come and go. I am not constant. Consistency in practice is super important I guess the reason why I am not constant it because it is a transformation in the making. You can’t just get up one day and say I want to teach yoga. You need to develop a practice, and this practice takes you places. For some, like me, it ignites this desire to share this knowledge and experience. It also gives you a sense of grounding, no matter where you are or what you do, you feel that everything is alright because you have yoga.

It’s hard to explain in words what yoga does to you becuase overall it is an experience that needs to be felt rather than rationalized pretty much like that of meditation and other spiritual practices.

I hope you enjoy my new blog